Happy Lives with God in Jacksonville Presbyterian Church[Guest post from Don Oliver] There is another Hasidic proverb that says that on the Day of Judgment we will only be asked the question, “Why didn’t you become the person I created you to be?”

Ignatius of Loyola says that we are like the piece of wood that cannot imagine how beautiful we will be after the sculptor has finished carving us into what we can be. God only wants us to be that masterpiece God created us to be, not someone else. We are not expected to be the Messiah, or a saint, but only our true self.

Today, ask God to reveal your true self to you, the one God is creating you to be.

Let us pray: We trust, O God, that you are good. Thank you for loving us just as we are. And, thank you for loving us enough that you encourage us to grow. As we receive your love, may that love heal us, shape us and refashion us in your image. Amen.

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Don Olinger

Daily Message Author: Don Olinger

Don Olinger is a retired Presbyterian Minister. He lost his vision to Stargardt’s Disease and became legally blind in 1998. In 2011, he ended his career as a minister and left New York City, and moved into an independent living facility in Florida. He lost all hope of living a normal life but after graduating from Southeastern Guide Dogs and with his “superhero” Labrador named Ralphie, Don is now able to live life independently. Currently, Don is paying it forward, raising funds and speaking on behalf of Southeastern Guide Dogs.