Ask for help with St Johns Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville flThere is a story about a young boy who was out helping his dad with the yard work. His dad asked him to pick up the rocks in one corner of the yard. At one point, he looked over and saw his son struggling to pull up a big ol’ rock buried in the dirt. The little boy struggled and struggled and finally gave up. He said, “Dad, I can’t do it.” “Did you use all of your strength?” asked the father. The little boy looked hurt and said, “Yes. I used every bit of strength I have.” The father smiled and said, “No you didn’t. You didn’t ask me to help.” He then walked over and helped his son pull the big rock out of the dirt.

Like the boy in the story, sometimes we forget that it is a great strength to be able to ask others for help. In fact, until we do so, we have not used all of our resources.

Jesus said, “Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Let us pray: Gracious God, we confess that sometimes it is hard to ask for help. We are afraid of being a burden, or afraid we will appear weak or incompetent. We remember today that you created us to be in relationship with others and that in those relationships there are times when we must give and times when we must receive. Give us the courage to ask for help when we need it. And ever open our eyes to opportunities to give. Amen.