A tiny pencil in God's grand work of art at Jacksonville Presbyterian ChurchMother Teresa of Calcutta taught that we should try to be tiny pencils in the hand of God. I find that a wonderful image- a tiny pencil rather than a computer, or a majestic quill pen, or a printing press. All I need to be is a tiny pencil.

How many times have we lamented that we are not doing great things for God and the world? How many times do we not do something because we think it is not big enough, or that it will not make a difference if we do it or not?

God does not always need another saint or a great sermon to be preached, but rather the message of a tiny pencil that says, “I love you in this moment of your life” to a soul who is in pain and loss.

Today, pray to be a tiny pencil in the hands of God, and see how many ministries find their way to you.

Let us pray: O God, help us to be instruments of your love for a world that is much in need. And in giving, may we also receive. Amen.

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Don Olinger

Daily Message Author: Don Olinger

Don Olinger is a retired Presbyterian Minister. He lost his vision to Stargardt’s Disease and became legally blind in 1998. In 2011, he ended his career as a minister and left New York City, and moved into an independent living facility in Florida. He lost all hope of living a normal life but after graduating from Southeastern Guide Dogs and with his “superhero” Labrador named Ralphie, Don is now able to live life independently. Currently, Don is paying it forward, raising funds and speaking on behalf of Southeastern Guide Dogs. For more information visit: www.guidedogs.org