Our family loves to go camping. We especially love to camp in the North Carolina mountains. Every summer we try to choose a location near a good stream to play in, or a good trail to hike on. We try to choose a place that is off the beaten path, to avoid the crowds and the potential road noise. Location is everything!

In the book of Numbers in the Bible, we find the Israelites camping in the wilderness. God gives them very careful instructions about where to set up their tents and how to organize their camp. They are each given a specific site surrounding the tabernacle which is the place God has promised to dwell. It is clear that God wants to be near his people.

In his commentary on Numbers, Joshua Kang writes, “Just as God dwelt among the Israelites to reassure them in the wilderness, God wants us to experience his presence now. In the spiritual life, we are called to ‘camp’ in God’s presence – to go deeper into our own hearts, where Christ dwells, as we learn to be loved by him and to worship him.”

Today may you find a location where you can sit still and attend to God’s presence, listen for God’s voice, and allow God’s healing grace to rest on you.

And what of your own camping experiences?  Please share below any memories you have of camping outside or camping within when you have felt particularly close to the presence of God.

Let us pray

God of Hope, often we find ourselves in the wilderness of life, sometimes lost, lonely or confused, other times overwhelmed with awe at the beauty that surrounds us. Often, we forget that you are as near to us as our next breath. Today, we ask you to help us find moments to camp in your presence, to receive your Spirit, and to tap once again into the very Source of life. Thank you for drawing close to us. We draw near to you – even now. Amen.