Acceptance at Geneva Presbyterian Church

Elisabeth and Jim Elliott

Jim Elliot was a missionary who was murdered by a tribe of Auca Indians in Ecuador in the late 1950s. In the wake of his death, Jim’s widow, Elisabeth Elliot, sensed God calling her to move to Ecuador to continue Jim’s work among the Aucas. She listened to God’s call – in spite of all her fears and possible resentment. And for many years, she carried on a beautiful ministry there among the Aucas – demonstrating Christ’s love with her life.

Later, reflecting on all of this, Elisabeth Elliot wrote:

Only in acceptance lies peace, not in resignation nor in busyness.
Resignation is surrender to fate.
Acceptance is surrender to God.
Resignation lies down quietly in an empty universe.
Acceptance rises up to meet the God who fills that universe with purpose and destiny.
Resignation says, “It’s all over for me.”
Acceptance asks, “Now that I am here, what’s next, Lord?”
Resignation says, “What a waste.”
Acceptance asks, “In what redemptive way will You use this mess, Lord?”

I am inspired by her story. On this Good Friday, as we wait between the cross and the resurrection, may we too surrender our lives in trust to God who will redeem and make whole again.

Let us pray: We thank you, O God, for people like Elisabeth and Jim Elliot, people who give their very lives to show your love, mercy and grace. Help us also rise up to boldly answer your call; to trust that you have a plan for us; and to live in such a way that your redeeming grace shines through. In the midst of the world’s darkness, your resurrection light is breaking through. Thank you, Lord! Amen.

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