growing community at Jacksonville Presbyterian ChurchThere was an article in the Jacksonville paper several years ago about a couple who sit on their front lawn every evening and wave to all who pass by. From 4-7 p.m., quitting time to dinner time, they set out their chairs, smile and wave. The article read, “Despite their own financial woes as owners of a small business… the Browns find their greeting sessions rewarding.”

They have been doing this now for over 25 years and have become a staple in their neighborhood. Some evenings neighbors pull up their own chairs and join them. At Christmas they receive presents from people they don’t even know. They are spreading good cheer; they have made their neighborhood richer for it; and their joy is contagious!

We can’t all set up chairs on the front lawn and hang out for three hours each evening. But, we can all find ways to invest in our neighborhood. We can all get to know those who live around us. And we can all find ways to share a little joy, a little hope, a little love.

Let us pray: God of grace, thank you for good news stories that lift our spirits. Thank you for people like the Browns who inspire us to make this world a little better place. Today, show us how we ourselves might be your light and your love for a world desperately in need. Amen.