calm in spirit at ST Johns FL family churchDwight Moody once asked a congregation, “Tell me how I can get the air out of the (glass) I have in my hand?” Someone answered, “Suck it out with a pump.” The evangelist replied, “That would create a vacuum and shatter it.” Finally, after many unworkable suggestions, Moody poured water from a pitcher and filled the glass with water. “There, all the air is now removed.” He went on to explain that our Spiritual growth doesn’t come by working hard to eliminate all destructive thoughts and habits, but rather by letting God’s Spirit take full possession.

There are several simple prayers that we can pray throughout each day. These are called “breath prayers” and they have been used by people of faith throughout the ages. Here are just a few examples:

Lord, fill me with your Spirit.
Grant me your peace, O God.
Fill me with your strength.
Come, Lord Jesus.

I invite you to pick one or two and pray them throughout your day – especially during moments of stress, temptation or anger. They will remind you of God’s presence with you and remind you to trust and hope in God rather than in yourself.

Let us pray: God of all life, sometimes we feel so distant from you. Stress from work and home overwhelm us. Problems seem to mount up. And, we don’t always cope so well. Prompt us to draw near to you as often as possible. We invite you to fill us again with your Spirit and take full possession of our lives. Grant us your joy and your peace. Amen