Geneva’s Denomination: The PC (USA)

Geneva Presbyterian Church Fruit CoveWhat is in a denomination?  Geneva was a new church development of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  It was launched with the support of the leadership and resources of the our regional council, the Presbytery of St. Augustine.

The Presbyterian Church (USA) formed in 1983 when the “northern” United Presbyterian Church (USA) joined with the “southern” Presbyterian Church (US) to create one national church.  It’s predecessor denominations had split apart during the Civil war, reuniting after 118 years.

The PC(USA) is the largest Presbyterian denomination in our country and has congregations in every state.  Currently there are about 1.8 million members.

The word “Presbyterian” has mainly to do with our governance.  We are “governed by elders”.   We trace our roots back to John Knox in Scotland and to John Calvin’s Protestant Reformation in Geneva, Switzerland.

Our denomination has a two part constitution. Part II, The Book of Order, governs how a local congregation should be led and defines our relationship to other Presbyterian councils and congregations.  What Presbyterians believe is captured in Part I, The Book of Confessions.  We affirm our confessions to be a collection of “reliable expositions of what the scriptures teach.”  Ultimately, we affirm that God is revealed most completely in the person of Jesus Christ, who is revealed to us by the power of the Holy Spirit through the scriptures of the Old and New Testament.  In other words, we believe that we have to answer to Jesus for how we do church.

Another Presbyterian value is this: God is Lord of the conscience.  We have in our membership a fairly broad representation of theological perspectives.   You could say that we value hearing different voices.   It keeps our Sunday School classes interesting.

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