Jacksonville Presbyterian ChurchWhen my friend Jim Pellot was in Malawi volunteering with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, he met a man who ran an orphanage whose name was “God Knows.” What a beautiful name! God Knows.

Think about it. If this orphanage director ever began to despair about the plight of all these forgotten children, when his name was spoken, he would have to remember, God knows.

When people gave generously and helped out behind the scenes at his orphanage, he would recollect, God knows.

When he faced temptation, he would recall, God knows.

If he was ever discouraged or felt unappreciated or alone, he would hear his name and he would remember, God knows.

I realize that we can’t all have this beautiful name – however – I pray that whatever praise or burdens you may be carrying, whatever difficult or confusing circumstances surround you, I pray that you would always remember God knows – and God cares.

Let us pray: We come before you with open hearts today. Some of us are full of joy, some of us are depressed and hurting, some of us are celebrating, and some of us feel so far from you. But we all have this in common – we need your love and grace to fall afresh on us today. I pray that you would rest your Spirit on each one of us – even now. Remind us that you know – and that you care. In Jesus’ name. Amen.