Love in Presbyterian church st Johns FLI love Psalm 23. I find myself surrounded by lots of friends when I say that because so many of us love this psalm which begins with those amazing words: “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” Because of its importance in my life, I was glad to learn of a true story about the psalm told by the author Madeline L’Engle. Today, I want to share it with you.

She writes:

“There’s a true story I love about a house party in one of the big English country houses.  Often after dinner at these parties people give recitations, sing, and use whatever talent they have to entertain the company.  One year a famous actor was among the guests. When it came his turn to perform, he recited the Twenty-Third Psalm, perhaps the most beloved psalm in the Psalter.His rendition was magnificent, and there was much applause.

At the end of the evening, someone noticed a little old great aunt dozing in the corner.

She was deaf as a post and had missed most of what was going on, but she was urged to get up and recite something.  In those days people used to memorize a lot of poetry!  So she stood up, and in her quavery old voice she started,

The Lord is my shepherd, and went on to the end of the psalm.  When she had finished there were tears in many eyes.

Later one of the guests approached the famous actor.

‘You recited that psalm absolutely superbly. It was incomparable.
So why were we so moved by that funny, little old lady?”

He replied, “I know the psalm. She knows the shepherd.’”

What a testimony this is to the power of knowing Jesus. Today, carry in your heart that he truly is your shepherd who will carry you through anything, even the darkest of valleys. Know that he is always with you to guide and protect you.

Prayer: Lord, shepherd me this day. Guide me down your paths of righteousness. Without you, I will be a lost sheep with no way home. When the way is dark and difficult, stay with me. Help me feel the presence of your protection. In your name I pray. Amen.


Tasha Blackburn

Daily Message Author: Tasha Blackburn

Reverend Tasha Blackburn is currently co-pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas. She loves working with young people and their parents to nurture and strengthen faith in the home. She keeps busy raising two young children, Calum (6 years) and Alena (3 years) with her husband and fellow pastor, Phillip Blackburn. If you would like to learn more about Rev. Blackburn, feel free to visit her church’s website at