St Johns Presbyterian church- family church in St JohnsTwo times during the year when I lived in Jamaica, faith-based medical mission teams came to visit our part of the island. Both times, just a small group of people came down from the states and yet they made a huge impact in the community where I was living. People lined up for almost a mile to see a doctor, or dentist, or to get glasses.

Sometimes we wonder if our giving makes a difference. But there, with that mission, we got to the see the impact first hand – and it was powerful.

In fact, one Monday morning, after the first medical team left, I noticed a seventh-grade student smiling ear to ear. He had on this huge pair of Red Glasses – way too big for his small face. But his world was changed because all of a sudden, he could see the blackboard.

That made me think about the hundreds of folks in town whose lives were better off. Some now had teeth that didn’t ache, others could see better, still others feel better. Their lives had been touched and changed.

On the other side of this, I got to have lunch with the medical team near the end of their stay. And I heard over and over from this group of dentists, doctors and nurses, “I received way more from this experience than I ever gave!”

It is so true – when we use our gifts for the good of others – blessings don’t simply rain down – they pour.

Let us pray: It is amazing how you work, O God. When we share your love, it becomes more and more a part of us. Help us continue to find ways to use our gifts to bless others. And then, Lord, meet us in our giving that we would be drawn closer to you. Today we pray especially for those who serve us – teachers, firefighters, police officers, politicians, military personnel, and others. May they know our gratitude and your love. Amen.