Love People Into Future - at Jacksonville Presbyterian Church

Can you recall a time when someone spoke encouraging, inspiring or affirming words to you? How did those words affect you? I know plenty of people who have been shaped by other people’s encouragement and have carried it around with them their entire lives.

There’s a pastor I really like – a guy named Rob Bell. In one of his books, he makes the claim that in scripture – people are often loved into their futures. God told Jeremiah, “Before I even created you, I knew you and set you apart.” Jesus told the disciples, “You didn’t choose me. I choose you.” Paul said to the people of the church, “You are blessed, chosen, predestined, given, redeemed, forgiven, included, marked, made alive, saved…”

Did you know that we too have the ability to love people into their futures – simply by speaking true words of affirmation – lifting up what we already know to be true about them?

This week, find someone who could use a little encouragement, and give them heaven!

Let us pray: Thank you, O God, for those who have inspired us, encouraged us and shaped us for the better with their words. Help us today to put into words the good we see in those around us. We pray especially for those who need an extra measure of hope today. Draw near to them. Use us if possible to be your light. We ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.