faith alive in jacksonville presbyterina churchMany years ago, after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city of New Orleans, hundreds of people became trapped in the Super-Dome Football stadium. You may remember the dire situation. People were confused, panicked, and hungry.

The goal posts were being used as a message board, and many posted notes or pictures looking for lost loved-ones. In the aftermath, I remember hearing a news report that someone posted a note that read, “If you lose hope, you lose everything.” What a great reminder!

It is so true, isn’t it? We can endure almost anything, if we have hope.

The truth is, we have every reason to hope. Jesus reminded us that with God all things are possible. Things can change, they can be different. We can change. God can change us. Even now, we may discover a greater power at work in the midst of our troubles or suffering. May you hold onto hope and believe!

Let us pray: We believe, Lord. Help our unbelief. Today, we reclaim the promise that with you nothing is impossible. Take our confusing or dark situations and shine the light of your mercy and grace into our lives. Help us to see the way forward, the way out and the way home. We ask in name or the One who is our Hope Eternal. Amen.

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