Friends and companionship with Presbyterian Church

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Some years ago, in the devotional “Bits and Pieces”, William Schultz wrote about a time when his daughter Laurie was about three. One night she requested his aid in getting undressed. He was downstairs, and she was upstairs, and … well. “You know how to undress yourself,” he reminded. “Yes,” she explained, “but sometimes people need people anyway, even if they do know how to do things by themselves.”

Oh, the insight of a three-year-old! Yes, it is good to be able to take care of ourselves. It is important to enjoy our own company and be able to do things alone. However, in life we do need other people. Even when we can do it on our own, sometimes it is important to reach out and ask for help, or to invite others along, simply for the companionship.

I pray that you would find a healthy balance between time alone and time with friends. Today, may you take the initiative. Reach out and extend an invitation or two. Build the kind of friendships that are vital to life.

Let us pray: Loving God, we remember that you created us to be in relationship with others, and that it is not good for us to be alone all the time. I pray today for those who feel lonely. Give them the grace and courage they need to reach out to others. And, may they know your presence and love even now.

I pray also for those who may need some time apart. Grant them the grace and courage they need to carve out time spent alone with you. Fill each of us with your Spirit that we would be instruments of your love. Amen.