As a Family, we would love to pray for you!

How can we pray for you?

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Our prayer team meets weekly on Thursdays at 9:30 am in the pastor’s study.  We call it the Sweet Hour of Prayer.  All are invited to be part of this ministry at Geneva Church, and those who do say they come away from the hour refreshed and deeply grounded. It is a lovely way to love one another in service.

    Our prayers for our church, community near and wide include:

    • For healing, recovery, and peace for our sisters and brothers facing illness.
    • For comfort for those who have lost loved ones.
    • For our Church – that we would be a place of healing and  grace, and that together we would be an instrument of peace and love for our community and world.
    • For hope for those struggling with depression, addiction, loss, sadness, and discouragement.