God's will not our own at St Johns family churchMy nephew has been trying to learn the Lord’s Prayer. The family says it together each night before dinner. He is almost there. He prays: Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. My kingdom come, my will be done, on earth as it is in heaven…”

I understand how he could make the mistake! I know I have often prayed that God’s will would be done but, in my heart, I want my own will to hold sway. That was on my mind a few months ago when I heard the announcement of one of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winners.

With the Lord’s Prayer on my mind, what grabbed my heart was an interview with the young girl. Her name is Malala Yousafzai and you will remember her. She is the girl who was shot in the head two years ago because she was attempting to go to school. She now lives in England and has used her voice to empower all of those voiceless children in her country. In the interview she talked about when she was even young and small for her age. She said this, “Once I had asked God for one or two extra inches in height, but instead he made me as tall as the sky, so high that I could not measure myself.”


We need to stop praying for our will to be done and start meaning it when we pray for God’s will to be done! If we followed our own will we might pray to grow an inch or two, but God’s will would have us reach the skies. It never would have been Malala’s will because she could not have fathomed it. And the same is true for you and for me. We pray, “Thy will be done” because our own will does not have enough imagination to dream what God can do with us and through us. Today, pray that God’s amazing will might be done in your life. Only God knows where it will lead.

Prayer: God of heaven and earth, of all things that have been and that will ever be, today I pray that Your will would be done in my life. I pray that Your will would be done in the lives of those I love and pray for. I pray that Your will would be done in this world. Not my will, God, but yours. Amen.

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Tasha Blackburn

Daily Message Author: Tasha Blackburn

Reverend Tasha Blackburn is currently co-pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas. She loves working with young people and their parents to nurture and strengthen faith in the home. She keeps busy raising two young children, Calum (6 years) and Alena (3 years) with her husband and fellow pastor, Phillip Blackburn. If you would like to learn more about Rev. Blackburn, feel free to visit her church’s website at http://1pres.org.