Jacksonville Presbyterian ChurchI recently read the story of a young boy who asked his older sister a question about God. “Susie, can anybody ever really see God?” “Of course not, silly,” she replied. “God is so far up in heaven that no one can see God.”

Sometime later, the boy came to his mother with the same question, “Mom, can anybody really see God?” More gently his mother answered, “No, not really. God is a spirit and lives in our hearts, but we can never really see God.” While his mother’s answer was somewhat more satisfying, the boy still wondered.

Not long afterwards, the boy’s grandfather took him on a fishing trip, and the two had a great day together. At the end of the day, the sunset was spectacular. The grandfather was caught up in the beauty, and the grandson was aware of a deep peace and contentment etched upon his grandpa’s face. “Granddad,” the boy began, “I wasn’t going to ask anyone else, but I wonder if you can tell me the answer to something I’ve been wondering about a long time. Can anybody ever really see God?” The grandfather sat and thought for a few moments, then said simply, “Grandson, it’s getting so I can’t see anything else.”

That’s beautiful, isn’t it?

My prayer for you today is, like the grandfather, may you see God all around you: in the beauty of the sunset, the innocence and joy of a child, the smile of a friend, a gentle breeze or the gift of time spent with a loved one. And as you do, may you too experience a deep sense of peace and contentment.

Let us pray: God of Grace, we pray today for eyes to see and hearts to notice your presence in the everyday moments of life. I lift up to you now people who are carrying heavy burdens and are weighed down by anxiety and stress. Rest your Spirit upon them. Give them your grace and strength, we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.