Prayer Ministry

Meets weekly on Thursdays at 9:30 am in the pastor’s study.  All are invited to be part of this ministry at Geneva Church.

Our prayers for our church, community near and wide include:

  • For healing, recovery, and peace for our brothers and sisters facing illness.
  • For comfort for those who have lost loved ones.
  • For our Church.
  • That we would be an instrument of peace and love for our community and world.

  • For continued enthusiasm for those who volunteer their time and energy with the children

     and youth ministries.

  • Pray for Sunday School teachers and Bible study leaders.
  • That we would continue to love and nourish one another.
  • For friends and family in the armed services and diplomatic corps.
  • For those who are seeking employment.
  • For deliverance for those trapped in addictions.
  • For hope for those struggling with depression, loss, sadness, and discouragement.
  • For law enforcement and emergency service personnel.
  • For God’s presence with those we love in far away places.
  • For our nation, especially our leaders. (Titus 3:1-2)
  • For the church around the world, especially where it is persecuted.