Sunday Morning Worship

Each week at 10:30 a.m.


If you value tradition-with a-contemporary twist, then you’ll love our sacred choral music and classical hymns, lively sermons and a service anchored in prayer and the strong proclamation of the Word of God.  Our worship service breathes fresh relevance into a test-teted scripture.  At Geneva, we do warm and relaxed fellowship, while offering our heart and soul to God.


Uplifting MusicReassuring, Inspirational Sermons

When you walk in, you’ll probably receive a warm welcome just inside the door. You may see the choir in robes assembling down the hall, a bustle of people, some relaxed, sipping on coffee and visiting, others busily preparing for the service.   Some people “dress up” for church but many arrive dressed comfortably and casually.

In the sanctuary, you can expect a gathering of people of all ages.   You’ll receive a bulletin that guides you through the service – or you can follow along on the screens.  Children are invited up for a children’s message and then return to their families.   Each week, we receive prayer requests, make announcements, and worship through giving.   On the first Sunday of the month, we celebrate the Lord’s Supper by “distribution.”  Leaders of the church serve bread and distribute small cups to the congregation in their seats.   The Lord’s Supper is open to any who profess Jesus as Lord!  At the end of the service, you’ll be sent out with a blessing encouraged to be a blessing in the world.

Most importantly, Jesus will be there.  He promised to show up whenever two or three people gathered in His name.  We look forward to having you worship with us.


Frequently Asked Questions

There are no dumb questions, just ones without answers, as yet.

What do I wear?

The main thing to remember is to be comfortable.  You will find people wearing anything from jeans and pants to dresses and suits.  One lady even wears a hat, but that’s because she sits in front of a vent and finds it chilly!


What are your services like?

We have one service at 10:30 AM.  It is usually an hour long, designed to help you experience the presence of the living God. Most of our services follow the traditional Presbyterian service, with hymns, readings, prayers anthems and a good thought-provoking sermon.  The feel is casual, but sincere.  The music from our choir, our organist, the 2 bell choirs, guest soloists and instrumentalists is a blend of contemporary and traditional. Our Director prefers music from composers that are still alive.  It is rare for us to perform 7-11 music (you know, 7 words for 11 pages) but the choir likes to have a bold sing-out every now and then, and it could just as easily be ‘My Lighthouse’ as the Hallelujah Chorus.


Where do my kids go?

We have various vibrant learning activities for children. During worship, we have a “Message For Young Disciples,” after which they are invited to Children’s Church for the remainder of the service.


What about nursery care?

We provide skilled nursery care for all Sunday morning activities.  Just ask for the nursery when you walk in and are met by one of our hospitable greeters.

Youth Program

Special Music