Jacksonville Presbyterian ChurchIn their book, The Power of Half, Kevin and Hannah Salwen discuss the power of sharing. They write, “Ever notice that when marketers want to show how enjoyable their products are – the images are often about people sharing? So is the way many products are packaged. Two Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, one for you, one for your friend. Popsicles with two sticks, meant to be snapped apart for sharing… Our souls become nurtured through sharing.”

The Salwen family would know. They sold their beautiful home in Atlanta and moved into a house about half the size. They gave half of the money from the sale (actually more than half) to the Hunger Project to help people desperately in need. Their book is about their adventure, the transformation of their family and the deep joy of giving. How inspiring is that!

They acknowledge that we can’t all sell our homes or give away half of our free time or our net worth, but we all have something to give. We all can make a positive difference. And in giving, we do indeed receive.

Let us pray: God of Grace, We are amazed and inspired by people like the Salwens. We know intuitively that our souls are nurtured through giving, though it is not always easy. Give us eyes to see the need all around us, and show us again what we have to help meet that need, time, money, energy, hope… Meet us in our giving. Heal us and transform us more and more into your image.

Today we pray especially for those who are willing to give even their lives for the sake of others. We lift up firefighters, police officers, peace keepers, aide workers, and the women and men of the military. Protect them and guide them we humbly ask. Amen.