Jacksonville Presbyterian ChurchHave you heard about the little boy who was trying to collect bottles going door to door in his neighborhood? When he came to the door of a woman who was the “town grouch” the little boy asked, “Do you have any old Pepsi bottles?” No! Then he said, “Do you have any old whiskey bottles?” “Young man,” the woman reported, “do I look like the type of person who would have any old whiskey bottles?” The little boy studied her for a moment and then asked, “Well, do you have any old vinegar bottles?”

Isn’t it tragic that some people go through life so sad, so sour, so bitter, that their unhappiness literally shows on their faces? God meant life to be full, happy, joyous and meaningful. But the stark fact is that many people never find the road to happiness. They search for it, they long for it, they spend lots of money, time and effort striving for it. Desperately, they want happiness, but somehow it eludes them because they go down all the wrong roads. The Christian faith is a road, a path, a way… Christ is the road to happiness. He shows us the way, he reveals to us the truth, he gives us the life. That’s a promise! That’s our hope. That’s the ta-da! Now claim it and live it.

Let us pray: God of love, your grace is so generous, your love gentle that our hearts burst with alleluia’s and our voices sing out with joy! Thanks be to you, O God, for your love! We pray that you will wrap your love around people who are experiencing pain and loss in their lives. Life is fragile and uncertain. We thank you for your love. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


Roger Kunkel

Daily Message Author: Roger Kunkel

(November 24, 1934 – June 29, 2011) Rev. Dr. Roger Kunkel was a native of Parsons, Kansas, graduated from Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri, where he received an award for “Outstanding Student and Citizen”. After graduating from Princeton Theological Seminary, he earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, Illinois, and went on to serve as Senior Pastor in Duluth, Minnesota, and Riverside, Illinois. He served as Chaplain of Heritage Park Rehab Center in Bradenton, Florida, after retiring from his pastorate at First Presbyterian Church of Sarasota in 1998. Full Bio


Photo credit: Professor Bop on VisualHunt.com / CC BY-NC-ND