Not long ago, I heard about a woman who always went to a branch post office in her town because the postal employees there were friendly. She went there to buy stamps just before Christmas one year and the lines were particularly long. Someone pointed out that there was no need to wait in line because there was a stamp machine in the lobby. “I know,” said the woman, “but the machine won’t ask me about my arthritis.”

It is true. In our tech savvy world, many people are starved for community. God made us in such a way that we need other people. We need to hear real voices, experience human touch.

As I read the gospels, I am continually amazed at how often Jesus touches the people he seeks to heal.

Today, no matter how “connected” you are online, may you make an effort to connect with those you actually see around you. Make eye contact with the store clerk. Hold the hand of an elderly friend, smile at the stranger, hug a friend. And, as you do, may you notice God’s loving, healing presence in your midst.

Let us pray: God of Love, in Jesus Christ you walked among us – flesh and blood. You ate with sinners, you touched the lonely and the sick, you laughed and cried and suffered. Thank you for your incarnate love. Teach us to love others as you have loved us. Amen.