Giving at Jacksonville Presbyterian ChurchIn a PEANUTS comic strip, Lucy has set up in her psychiatric booth, and Charlie Brown is sharing his problems with her. “Sometimes I ask myself questions,” he begins. “Sometimes I ask myself, ‘Is this your real life, or is this just a pilot film? Is my life a thirty-nine-week series or is it a special?’”

Lucy quickly analyzes his problem and offers an answer: “Whatever it is,” she says, “your ratings are down. Five cents, please!”

Sometimes like Charlie Brown, we may wonder about life. Does my life matter? Is there more to life than just daily routine – going through the motions? Is there anything special about it?

According to our faith tradition, we only get one life and this is it. Your life is special. It is important. In God’s eyes, each and every person is precious; each life matters. You matter.

Life is a sheer gift. The challenge for us is to accept it as such, and live it as such. No doubt, a life rooted in gratitude will find ways to give meaning and hope to the world. And indeed, it is always in giving that we receive!

Let us pray: God of Grace, meet us this day in our daily struggles. Remind us that you have a plan for this world and a plan for us. Open our eyes to our many blessings, fill us with your Spirit, and empower us to be your light and hope for a world that is desperately in need. Amen.

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Photograph by Evan Kirby