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Joe AlbrightWelcome to Geneva Presbyterian Church of St Johns, Florida!

Thank you so much for your interest in our church. We understand ourselves to be a family; people of all ages and backgrounds, seeking to follow Jesus together through the ups and downs of the journey of life. We also believe that God has called us into this family for a purpose; to be a blessing to our community and world. As we share our lives together, we become part of a movement, a compelling force for God’s love that is so much bigger than our individual lives. We care passionately about people, because we believe God cares passionately about people. And we believe that God cares passionately about you. Wherever you are in your journey of faith – my prayer is that you would know the depths of God’s love for you – at the very core of who you are. And may God surround you with a family of faith who will encourage you, challenge you and walk with you. If you don’t currently have a family of faith, we invite you to be a part of ours. Come worship with us. Come experience God’s grace with us. And may the fullness of God’s peace be with you. Peace, Joe Rev. Joseph Albright, Pastor

Our Sunday Morning Worship

Welcome Visitors!

Geneva Presbyterian Church, a family church in St Johns, FL

Sunday Morning Schedule

    • Morning Worship  – 10:30 a.m. (Usually traditional, sometimes with a contemporary twist.)
    • Adult Sunday School 9:00 a.m. – Fellowship Hall –  in the Knox Room and the Youth Living Room (Fellowship Hall)
    • Youth and Children’s Sunday School 9:00 am (Fellowship Hall)
    • Nursery is available during Sunday School and morning worship

Presbyterian Church in St Johns, FL


Our Defining Vision

We are a welcoming community of all ages who celebrte Christ’s love through vibrant worship and active service.

Geneva Presbyterian PreSchool

Registration for 2020 – 2021 School Year

The PreSchool is fully registered for the 2020 – 2021 school year, however, we maintain an active waiting list.  Please call the office for more details.

Selected Sermons

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Mission in St Johns - Presbyterian Church


The ASSIST Program Food 4 Kids St. Johns County Bloodbank Habitat For Humanity 2¢ a Dinner for Jamaica PWC Missions

Youth Programs


Youth & Children Groups for Adults Presbyterian Women (PWC) Prayer Ministry Scout Troop 225

Photograph of the Cross, next to our Columbarium.

Taken in late 2015.
Children's Music Programs


Adult Choir (Sunday Singers)Youth Choir Children’s Choir Bell Choir (with chimes) Special Instruments

Upcoming Events

LOOK UP with Karen Hossink


Now is the time to let folks know if you will be here for Easter, and if you would attend a Sunrise Service in addition to our 10:30 a.m. service.  

Earth Day

Events in planning

Geneva ~ St Johns FL Presbyterian Church

Joe’s Daily Devotionals

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The Breath of God

The Breath of God

When I was a kid, I was confused by the term “Holy Ghost,” which was used back then. Since my idea of ghosts was informed by the movies I saw at the Rialto Theater on Brooklyn’s Flatbush Avenue, I just couldn’t get it. But some years later, churches moved to a more...

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The Blame Game

The Blame Game

I love the Peanuts cartoon that showed Peppermint Patty talking to Charlie Brown. She said, “Guess what, Chuck. The first day of school and I got sent to the principal’s office. It was your fault, Chuck.” He said, “My fault? How could it be my fault? Why do you say...

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The Light Shines in the Darkness…

The Light Shines in the Darkness…

I recently read about a missionary named Jeffery Ginn and his family who were serving in Cali, Colombia. One morning Jeffrey entered his office to find that a map of the world that he had taped to the wall had fallen during the night. A corner of the map had remained...

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Photograph: On Geneva Pond